University Science Day

Scott came back into town Friday so we got to attend Science Day up at the University Alaska Fairbanks as a family. We have lots of fun despit the large crowds. The best part is exposing the boys to things I wouldn’t even think to educate them about or be able to. My favorite center was the rock cutting and polishing. I’ve got a couple chunks of beautiful white marble ready to install in my bathroom 😉 

I didn’t let Kierran cut his own rock. After taking two pictures I lost my nerve and asked the guy to do it.

And Barrett, my cautious child let the guy cut his rock but was comfortable polishing it.

Merrick and his buddy from school posing with a T-Rex skull.

The boys two favorite stations were the gum drop structures and the marshmallow vacuum. I’m sure it had everything to do with the end product.

Brains!!! They were really interested in the brains. One kid walked in and started gagging.

The touch tanks are always a hit. 

We were there for over two hours and didn’t get to see everything and there was so much I didn’t get pictures of. We had a great time this afternoon. A big thanks to UAF and thanks to you for keeping up with our family! 

Thank You!!

Barrett got all of his postcards back from last year (4th grade) when we asked people to send us postcards from all over the United States. We got a ton and even some from other countries! We are so grateful for everyone who took time out of their day to help Barrett with his project. THANK YOU!

Back to School

Today is my second day without kids at home for 3 hours. It’s almost mind boggling. I walk around not talking to anyone. It’s beautiful. Can you tell I’m catching up on my blogging?

I LOVE THOSE BOYS!!! Everyone is incredibly happy with their teachers this year. Especially Barrett who has scored another male teacher. 3 in a row! Lucky duck. I think it’s rare to find male elementary teachers let alone amazing ones. Both older boys have joined running club again this year and they have their first spelling test today. Fingers crossed for 100% all around.

On Kierran’s first day I was told he has the potential to be a good lawyer. The teacher told the class that everyone needed to get ready to put their stuff away to get ready for snack. A little girl came up to Kierran and told him he needed to put his stuff away. He turned to her and said, “No I don’t. She said I have to get ready to do it. Not do it.” Well, it sounds like he’ll be similar to Merrick and gratefully the director knows Merrick and finds him funny. I think Kierran is in good hands.

I’m going back to texting my girlfriends about decorating and baking cookies!! I only have 30 minutes on free time left.

Big Fat Cat (from last winter)

It’s cold here. I know by Alaska standards it’s really not cold. We’ve been spoiled this year. Today the wind was blowing and 5 above feels like -50. Rather than suffer outside watching the kid ice skate I distracted them with a trip to McDonalds Cootieland.

Those boys up the volume of any place they enter. While ordering lunch I had to send Barrett back to tell Kierran to hush because over all the kids in Cootieland I heard him. Even now sitting here with only one other parent my kids dominate the audio in this place. They aren’t yelling either. Where most people have 0-10, 5 being normal. My kids have 5-15, 10 being normal. I don’t mind taking them to McD’s on cold days. They get energy out and I, along with all the other parents drain the battery on our phone in a judgement free zone.

There were two other families earlier. We are now down to one. The little girl who left might have been 8 and was crushing on Barrett. She wanted to play house and was like, “I’ll be the mom and you’re the dad and we’ll go on a date.” Her grandpa wasn’t phased. Just kept looking at his phone. I paid attention for him. Barrett used his best tactic to get out of that situation, “I’m the fat cat and I just lay here. I’m just the fat cat. That’s what I am. The cat!”

Well played honey. Keep that tactic in mind when those tramps try and corner you into a relationship. Just lay there, curled into a ball on the top level of playland like a colled up cat repeating the fat cat mantra. Those girls will totally leave you alone. She took the hint and slid down the slide and played with the other kids. My battery reached 1% so we bounced.

A Bundle of Laughs

When I don’t immediately run to my blog to post the stories that involve these crazy boys I jot down quick notes on my phone to keep from forgetting. Sometimes I remember to look back at them and have a bunch of little stories to tell.

Have you seen the tv show Little Big Stars with Steve Harvey? Those kids are amazing. While we watched the show and commented non stop about how amazed we were by these kids Kierran felt left out. Keeping his head and shoulders on the couch he extended himself onto the coffee table making a bridge, “Look what I can do mom!” Oh yes, we’ll call Steve Harvey right away! Good job Stewart (this is a reference to a character on Mad TV).

Super sympathetic- this was Barrett’s comment after Kierran is rushed to Immediate Care with a gash on his eye lid, “That’s going to put a dent in our Disney fund.”

After watching his first infomercial Barrett is serious that I need these pots and pans and passionately tries to sell me on the idea of buying them. THIS is why we don’t have tv and might be doing are kids harm because when they move out they will spend their student loan money on infomercial crap. During the commercial break a female soccer player came on screen saying she wasn’t going to let female problems get in her way. She ran around the field, jumped up high and caught a ball heading for the net, she looked super athletic. Sounding like he found the cure for his athletic woes he yells, “Mom, I need some of those because I can’t catch a ball like that!” Sure, Barrett. If all you require is an Always pad I’ll buy them.

Yesterday I asked Merr to take the food scraps out to the compost bin. A few minutes later I had to yell, “We don’t throw potatoes at the house!” The things I’ve had to say to this kid astound me.


The Scent of a Woman

Barrett, Merrick, Kierran and a neighbor boy are outside playing hunting, I thought, until I heard, “Woman! I smell Woman!” “I think I smell it too! Yeah, we smell woman!”
What the?!?!
“HEY! What did you say you smell?” Because I’ve been wrong before. “Did you say woman?”
“Yeah, Merrick put on doe perfume. We’re the bucks and we can smell her.”
Does Scott have doe scent? Shit.
“Real perfume? Or…”
“No, MOM! We’re pretending!”
Really!?! because that is TOTALLY something you would do.
So it turns out they have switched roles and are playing animals trying to mate during hunting season. I’m not sure what to think. If I choose to supervise I’m afraid of what I’ll find. On the up side Kierran refuses to be an animal and wants to play the hunter. The older boys are not happy because they say all he does is run around shooting them. Maybe I don’t need to supervise after all. He’s the best at salting game. HA!

Worst Mom Award goes to…..


Me. Today, it goes to me. Last night Barrett told me he wanted to make me breakfast. I appreciated the warning so I could mentally prepare myself for the fighting between brothers who want to help, a messy kitchen and the clean up that would take place but it would be a labor of love because this kid of mine wanted to do something special for his mom to show her how much he loves her. Is hours of cleaning up after kids, after they’ve made their attempt to clean up, my love language? No, certainly not. My love language is words of affirmation. So I’ll translate a messy kitchen and a mediocre breakfast into “You’re the best mom ever!”Did I accomplish that this morning? No, I did not.

Instead of doing what a good mom would do, I walked into my kitchen and immediately assessed the damage. Salt was ALL OVER the floor. Pancake batter was spilled on the counters and all over the cook top. Hundreds of paper towels crumbled up were all over the floor and counters and there stood Barrett with a huge smile on his face cooking sausage. He tells me that his pancake batter didn’t turn out right and I should make it again so he can make the pancakes right. OH YEA, Happy Mother’s Day to ME!! I told him to start picking up his mess starting with the napkins, then he could sweep up the salt and vacuum up what he can’t sweep. I took over the cook top and properly mixed the batter because I wasn’t making it again and adjusted the temperature on the griddle so the sausage wouldn’t burn.

He complied with his orders and put away the tools after cleaning up his mess and by now breakfast was made. I pulled out a meal replacement bar and poured myself a cup of coffee. What a bitch right?!?! That’s what I would have said if someone else posted this. Barrett couldn’t look at me. He hung his head and said “I’m not hungry” and went to his room.

I found him on the floor in the fetal position crying. When I ask what’s wrong he made up some issue about Merrick which turns into an argument between him and Merrick. After a few minutes he comes out of his room. I pick him up like he’s 2 and sit on the couch with him against my chest and he says “Everything I do is wrong”. He begins sobbing. Immediately my mind floods with my child growing up feeling inadequate with no confidence, me taking over the kitchen and without saying a word, I told him very loudly that his gift sucked and he was doing a crappy job.

I couldn’t say sorry enough. I told him if I had a do over I would pour a cup of coffee, sit at the counter and help only if he asked then happily eat what he prepared with his own two hands. How heart breaking. When I imagine myself in his shoes during that moment I can feel the rejection and the disappointment. My eyes tear up just writing this. We talked for a few minutes, his brothers came over and hugged him and showed him their cleared plates and thanked him for a great breakfast. I made him his chocolate milk just the way he likes, warm and too much cocoa powder. His eyes are red and his face is splotchy.

I AM THE WORST MOM!!! I pray I’ve learned my lesson and won’t do something like this again. Chances are I will. Happy Mother’s Day Melissa! Way to screw the pooch! On a day that is supposed to celebrate everything about you that makes you a great mom you show your kids that you are in fact NOT that. Granted there are worse moms out there that have done worse things but I hold motherhood up high and it’s my goal to reach that peak. To have amazing relationship with my kids, open, honest, loving, respectful and trusting. Despite my screw up this morning, I think I’m doing good. We are always learning right? I guess every kid needs something to talk about with his future psychologist.

My gift to all the mother’s (of animal and human alike) is, learn from my mistake! If your fur baby brings you a dead mouse, love it! They are trying to feed you (probably because your food sucks. I don’t like cats) Or if your other fur baby breaks into your fridge and eats your food tell yourself it’s because he/she thinks you are a great cook! If your child slaves over a cook top or microwave use your manners, eat it and clean up the mess with a smile because he or she is showing you they love you. You’re worth trying something new for. Close your eyes, don’t look at the mess if that helps and just feel the love. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY (to those who deserve it). I have 8 hours left in the day to turn it around so I’m going to get to it!