Part 11 – A COVID Birthday

On his 14th birthday Barrett was released from isolation. He was very happy to have full access to the house. I don’t think any of the gifts we got him made him as happy as having the ability to roam the house.

He went outside and offered to wash my car. Inside and out! I told him I felt like I was being treated yet it was his day. He said that he sees the car as being his soon soooooo. HA!! That boy is crazy! We made his appointment to get his permit next week.

We celebrated with a special breakfast and dinner, cake for dessert and gifts. We did our annual measure on the board and he’s taller than me! He grew 4 inches this last year!

Kierran had a good morning and afternoon. We played outside a lot today. Tonight his fever rose to 101, so we gave him Tylenol. I hope he kicks this soon or we’ll never be able to leave the house.

Things are continuing to quieting down around here and I’m enjoying it. Except for Merrick. His anxiety about Kierran staying put in his room is over the top! Merrick is sharing mine and Scott’s bathroom and Barrett is sharing with Kierran. If Kierran comes out of his room Merrick is like a dog on high alert barking until the threat is gone. Ugh

The boys occupy their time playing Minecraft with some friends. I’m so grateful for this.

Part 10 – Coping with COVID

You remember in May when people joked that Americans got tired of quarantine so we quit the pandemic? I want to quit. Kierran woke without a fever but developed one by the afternoon. He took a long nap then we went outside to play a little basketball.

Barrett is doing well and will be released from isolation tomorrow. Just in time for his 14th birthday!

Scott has been released from quarantine and was anxious to get out of the house so he ran a couple errands around town. I just want it to be done. Unfortunately, Merrick and I are still quarantined as long as Kierran is sick.