We Bought a Boat

Or…I should say, I approved the process of the purchase 😉

As I drove to meet up with Scott to sign the paperwork for the boat, Merrick asked why I had to sign the paperwork. I told him because the bank requires both of our signatures. He quickly interjected with, “Ohhh, so the bank knows you gave dad permission to buy it.”

YEP! That’s it son. You hit the nail on the head.

So, with this addition to the family I’m sure we’ll have many more crazy adventures to share with you soon!

The Results are in!

I am negative for both the IgM and IgG COVID antibody test. Which means I haven’t had it and don’t currently have it. Not a big surprise though I was hoping I would have some amazing antibody show. Oh well.

More interestingly, Scott also showed negative for the IgM and IgG COVID antibody test. Not what we were expecting.

While talking to the Dr we wondered about testing Barrett and Kierran. We even talked about splitting up the blood draw and sending the results to two different labs to see if the results were similar or different. It’s like real life science!

Scott is wondering if because he didn’t have COVID as bad as others, maybe he didn’t develop antibodies. Or the Dr thought maybe since he had it in June, the antibodies wore off and he could get it again. I wondered, what if his and Barrett’s results were false positives? All we can do is speculate.

As for Merrick, we let him out of quarantine on day 8. Our experience was you develop symptoms by day 4 so waiting until day 10, instead of 14, made sense to me. We got tired of his depressed conversations, behaviors and whining so on day 8 he won.

I’m happy to report we are back to boring! For now 🤪