Fishing with Dad

Baseball has been keeping us busy lately and out late at night and Scott has been back and forth between home and work making quality father son time a rarity. Gratefully the clouds held back the rain for a bit today allowing for the boys to go fishing. 

I’m sure they’d want you to know they caught the fish all by themselves! I’m not sure where Kierran is…possibly tied up in a tree somewhere to keep him out of the way.

Oh look! I see Kierrans arm in the corner there. Fishing with him can be trying. 

Linus wanted in on the action bad! He got in some swim time and Scott reported that he is exhausted. What a good dad!

Merricks Future Therapy

Yesterday my friend texted me this photo and said Merrick made the list!

His name is the second from the top on the right column. Excited to show him I asked the newly released from his bedroom for a timeout child aka Merrick to come to me. He was on his way upstairs to watch tv so I met him halfway at the bottom of the stairs. 

“Look what I just got.” And I hand him my phone. “Zoom in on that list.” He moves his finger on the screen and asks if it’s real. “Yes, Miss Tana just texted it to me.” I turn to walk back into the kitchen and stopped when I realize he’s not as happy as I thought he’d be. I turn around and see my sweet 8 year old with tears pooling in his eyes. OMG he thinks this is the naughty list!! He asks me, “Mom, can I change? What did I do?”  Seeing that he’s been in a bit of trouble already today I thought I’d let him stew in it for a minute. “What do you mean what did you do? You got a spanking yesteday and you just got out of your room for breaking a rule.” The tears ran down his cheeks. Ok, fun over we are entering therapy territory now. 

“Merrick, it’s the nice list!”

“Maybe it’s last years list. When did you get this?”

“Miss Tana just sent it to me. She took the photo today.” (I have no idea if that is the truth but I’m sure it was recent). He starts to smile and says, “Promise?” “I promise baby. You’re a good boy.”

I don’t think we’ll have to visit Santa this summer for a checkup. 

The Big Announcement

I found out from Kierran’s preschool teacher that the Easter bunny visited all the kids in Kierrans class except him. Very bluntly Kierran said to his peers “…because he isn’t real.” There was an uproar in Miss Kristen’s classroom as the kids argued over Kierrans statement. 8 against 1, Kierran was the minority. 

Crap. My kid is THAT kid. The one I dread come Christmas because I do Santa but not the bunny.

I go all out for almost every holiday. It’s fun and I enjoy all the spoils that come with a holiday and a kids imagination but Easter is one we’ve never been big on. When Scott’s grandfather was alive we did egg hunts up at his grandparents house but that was more than 4 years ago and typically Scott will dye eggs with the boys and we might attend an egg hunt in town but other than a family meal we haven’t been all crazy for the bunny and eggs thing. 

To us Easter isn’t something to mask or make pretend. It’s too powerful and too important for my kids to be confused with how a bunny delivers eggs of candy and how that has anything thing to do with Christ rising from the grave. So when Kierran asked where the Easter bunny was I told him the truth. (Now don’t think I was a total Scrooge. I did get the boys a box of peeps to share.) He looked confused so we talked about it for a bit and I covered a lot but totally neglected to mention to him that we need to keep this between us since other kids believe. Oops!

Miss Kristen handled the situation with grace and was able to cease the lynch mob. Kierran settled on the fact that the bunny didn’t come because he wasn’t good. Ugh! I looked at him and said, “I told you why the Easter bunny didn’t come and it wasn’t because of your behavior. What did I say?” 

“He isn’t real.”

“Yes and let’s keep that info between us.”

Better late then never. Sorry New Hope class of 2017. I’ll take the blame.

University Science Day

Scott came back into town Friday so we got to attend Science Day up at the University Alaska Fairbanks as a family. We have lots of fun despit the large crowds. The best part is exposing the boys to things I wouldn’t even think to educate them about or be able to. My favorite center was the rock cutting and polishing. I’ve got a couple chunks of beautiful white marble ready to install in my bathroom 😉 

I didn’t let Kierran cut his own rock. After taking two pictures I lost my nerve and asked the guy to do it.

And Barrett, my cautious child let the guy cut his rock but was comfortable polishing it.

Merrick and his buddy from school posing with a T-Rex skull.

The boys two favorite stations were the gum drop structures and the marshmallow vacuum. I’m sure it had everything to do with the end product.

Brains!!! They were really interested in the brains. One kid walked in and started gagging.

The touch tanks are always a hit. 

We were there for over two hours and didn’t get to see everything and there was so much I didn’t get pictures of. We had a great time this afternoon. A big thanks to UAF and thanks to you for keeping up with our family! 

Thank You!!

Barrett got all of his postcards back from last year (4th grade) when we asked people to send us postcards from all over the United States. We got a ton and even some from other countries! We are so grateful for everyone who took time out of their day to help Barrett with his project. THANK YOU!

Tan Legs, Hairy Legs-Same Diff

Here’s a Pinterest fail from years past.

It’s June 2014 and I’m scanning Pinterest and come across a DIY tanning solution with simple ingredients I have at home. SCORE!


I can see that the right leg is slightly tanner than the other and it looks flawless! So I click on the link and it takes me to the recipe of Jergens lotion and coco powder. You mix the measured amounts and rub on until absorbed. Here is my after photo.


I know!!! I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed trying to get it all worked in but it kept streaking and starting flaking off. OMG what was I thinking. What if the kids ran past me with water guns. My legs would have looked worse than this hairy looking disaster. No, I did not go out in public with my legs looking like that but I do recall how difficult it was to wash off completely. I vaguely remember my friend Michelle being over and laughing hysterically. She might have even taken the photo. At my expense, save yourself! Don’t waste you time or coco powder and lotion!


Detox Foot Soak

I’ve started a category on my blog for Pinterest fails. I’ve had enough of them to start a separate blog but I’m not going to stretch myself that thin. 

Tonight the boys and I tried the detox foot soak.

I was excited and talked it up to the boys like a spa night science experiment. As you can see they happily dressed the part.

I made the mix, added the 1/4 cup to a dish and added hot/warm water. We binge watched Liv and Maddie on Netflix while we waited for the detoxing to begin. Here is my soak when I first got my feet in.

The instructions say after 15 min the water turns colors from whatever toxin is leaving your body via your feet. I was imagining this mix to be like an exorcism of the body. Look at that persons water in the picture! Yuck! Well either that person was really dirty or we’re super healthy because here is our water after 30 minutes.

Total disappointment. So the boys took matters into their own hands.

They added bath fizz colors to our water to make it more fun. Merrick got over zealous and put two tablets in his water.

Don’t waste your time on this pin. It’s a total bust!