My Poet

Merrick has been studying poetry in school. I think he modeled his poem after another, but I still found it amazing.

I want to go back…

The Fairbanks beach with sand and trees surrounding the beach.

I and my brother should still be running through the short woods to the beach and jumping over tree roots.

My mom behind carrying snacks, towels and an umbrella.

I would be so excited as we drove down the road into the parking lot right in front of the Fairbanks beach sign.

I want to go back…

My mother would be sunbathing with my little brother as he plays with the sand and making sand castles.

Her shiny brown sandals glistening in the bright hot sun.

Also watching us as we show off our sand creations.

My brother would be wearing a snorkel looking for shells and little fish.

Three boys had so much fun at the beach.

I want to go back…

My brother and I have a sandcastle competition and I see how long we can hold our breath underwater.

My mother watching my little brother as he eats watermelon and some water runs down his cheek.

No sounds, just waves crashing against the hot dry sand. Thinking about our lives back 10 miles away back at home.

I want to go back…

I would still be watching the birds in the trees- but I’m not. I’m 12 walking home in the town of Valdez.  I blame the police station for not being safe. I blame the house for being too small. I want to blame the people who didn’t keep it safe. I want the road back to a beach. I want the ground back to a big lake. I want to get the Fairbanks beach back as I know for now lost is lost.

-Merrick McCumby