Bathrrom Butler

Bathrrom Butler

This morning I walk into the boys bathroom and Merrick explains to me, “Here are the smelly sprays, toothbrushes, food picker, clippers, hair stuff, comb and wait. I need to grab the sneeze sitters.”
“The what?”
“He means Kleenex mom.”
He has had only one client and he didn’t tip him. Maybe dad will utilize his services later.

Can I get a BOO HOO?

Can I get a BOO HOO?

For the last two weeks Scott has been a full time dad while I have been doing part time work. W,TH and Friday Scott is home with the kids for the entire day (Friday I only work a half day so exclude Fridays) by himself. This is big for us. It’s the first time in 7 years Scott has played this roll.

I listen to him when he complains but it sounds like things I’ve said just a few weeks ago. I wonder if he’s just copying me? Nope, I think now he actually gets it. The boys will give his patience an exercise just like they do mine.

Today I get this text…can you feel my sympathy? NO? BUWHAHHAHA

My Three Sons

My Three Sons

I’m debating on going back to Fred’s to buys these chipmunks. My boys wouldn’t touch them because I wouldn’t allow it. What 34 year old needs stuffed animals? I think I do. The boys were the chipmunks for Halloween this past year and it is so perfect for their personalities! It could be my beanie baby reminder of my babies. Can you see I’m trying to justify $24 of beanie baby toys?

He who blows his NOSE too hard…

He who blows his NOSE too hard...

I sent the boys to their room to clean. More times then not it’s a worthless attempt at getting them to clean their room but works great to get them away for a while.

Tonight they both come barreling into my room after 10 minutes of cleaning and Merrick calmly said
“Get it out, Mom. Get it out.”
“Get what out?”
“The thing in my nose.”
“I don’t see anything.” Crap this isn’t good!
He starts sniffing
“No, don’t sniff. Blow like you’re blowing your nose.”
He blows once and coughs.
I plugged the right side of his nostril and he blows again. A slimy tail of a gummy lizard lands in my hand. I was so shocked! It was so long and he had it shoved up so high that I couldn’t see it. The boys laughed hysterically. I had to wash my hands but went back to him to talk about NOT putting things up his nose. I had a headache earlier today and it has returned.

Reality Check

Reality Check

Barrett and Merrick LOVE to dress up in costumes. Merrick’s all time favorite is… Batman. A couple days ago Merr was dressed up and gathering his bat-tools in his room. Barrett tried talking to him but made the mistake of referring to him as Merrick.

“I’m batman, not Merrick”
“You’re not the real Batman you know! And I should know because the real Batman was at my birthday party a few years ago. Remember MOM!
“Yes I remember”
“Yeah, he was happy to be there but had to leave because him and Spiderman had to go get some bad guys”

I can’t believe he can still remember his 4th birthday in such detail. My father-in-law and brother-in-law, whom I still owe a case of beer, dressed up as Batman and Spiderman for Barrett’s party. They flew in, posed for pictures, played a game or two and took off around the side of the house to go capture some bad guys.

I found it humorous that Barrett tried to slap his brother with a dose of reality when he himself is disillusioned and Merr is silmply pretending. One day the truth will come out. A lot like Santa and the Easter Bunny. Though I tried to do away with the Easter Bunny this year and it didn’t work. I openly admitted I hid the eggs and Merrick even asked if I was the bunny. Somehow they both put together the bunny dropped the eggs and candy off to me and I put them together and hid them. UGH!

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Scott has been gone for work conferences. I’m on week two. He returned home for two days and took off again this morning. This week I decided to help assist my efforts with weight watchers by NOT drinking beer or wine. I was going to give up coffee too but I figure I’ll wait until I run out of creamer.

Both boys came downstairs tonight. Merrick was hiding something behind his back and Barrett was telling him to show me something. Merrick refused but both were laughing so hard I can barely make heads or tails of what’s happening. When the laughter died out Barrett says “Just show her!”
“Look mom, we made juice.”
“How did you get juice? OH MY…..”
Lots of giggling
“It’s pee!! It’s pee!”
“YOU PEED IN A SIPPY CUP!? Throw it in the sink. NO, throw it in the trash! DON’T TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN IT’S DRIPPING!”
I caught my self about to laugh.


Motherhood does some crappy things to your sense of humor. I’ll try giving up alcohol next week. But there is none in the house and the idea of throwing the kids in the car and driving to the liquor store just seems wrong. Especially after the regular check out guy knew my kid by name a few years ago. Talk about shaming someone out of a casual, my kids drive me crazy drink!