Can I get a BOO HOO?

Can I get a BOO HOO?

For the last two weeks Scott has been a full time dad while I have been doing part time work. W,TH and Friday Scott is home with the kids for the entire day (Friday I only work a half day so exclude Fridays) by himself. This is big for us. It’s the first time in 7 years Scott has played this roll.

I listen to him when he complains but it sounds like things I’ve said just a few weeks ago. I wonder if he’s just copying me? Nope, I think now he actually gets it. The boys will give his patience an exercise just like they do mine.

Today I get this text…can you feel my sympathy? NO? BUWHAHHAHA

My Three Sons

My Three Sons

I’m debating on going back to Fred’s to buys these chipmunks. My boys wouldn’t touch them because I wouldn’t allow it. What 34 year old needs stuffed animals? I think I do. The boys were the chipmunks for Halloween this past year and it is so perfect for their personalities! It could be my beanie baby reminder of my babies. Can you see I’m trying to justify $24 of beanie baby toys?